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The Midea InstaFry is your two-in-one Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer combo. The interchangeable lids make it easy for you to swap from Pressure Cooking to Air Frying. The large 5.7L capacity allows you to cook wholesome family sized meals in half the time.


  • 10 Preset menus for pressure cooking
  • 5.7L Capacity
  • Multi-Function for Air Fryer: Air fry, roast, grill and bake
  • Easily swap between pressure cooking and air frying by changing the lid
  • Delayed start and Keep warm function
  • Large LED screen for ease of use
  • 1500 Watts
  • Product Dimensions (D x W x H) 348 x 326 x 497mm



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1How do I clean my InstaFry?

  • Soak the inner pot in hot water for a few hours to remove tough or burnt stains.
  • Remove all parts from the pressure cooker lid before washing and always remember to clean the interior of steam release valve to prevent it from clogging.
  • Clean your airfryer lid, cooker base with a soft/damp cloth and ensure that it is free from grease splatter, do not rinse or immerse in water leave it to dry.
  • The InstaFry accessories (Air fryer base) are both hand and dishwasher safe – wash after every use with hot water and a mild dish soap

2What cooking options can I use with the pressure cooker lid?

The pressure cooker lid allows you to use the following cooking programs

  • DIY,
  • Slow cook,
  • Sous vide,
  • Yoghurt,
  • Delay start
  • Keep warm.

3What cooking options can I use with the air fryer lid?

The air fryer lid allows you to

  • Air fry
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Grill and dehydrate your food portions.

4My InstaFry won’t turn on. What do I do?

Always ensure that your lid is correctly placed on your cooker base. Inspect the power cord to make sure it is plugged in. If the problem persists contact the customer service for assistance.

5How do I use the pressure release valve correctly?

Leave the stem release in the seal position for natural release, this ensures that the cooker dissipates heat and naturally releases pressure over time. This is recommended when cooking soups and stews.

For quick release on the other hand, you will need to press the quick release button until the float valve drops into the lid.

Warning: Do not lean over the steam release valve or place unprotected skin over the valve and do not attempt to open the lid before you press the float valve allowing steam to be released.

6Handling and using the InstaFry

This appliance cooks using high pressure. Improper use may result in scalding injuries. Do not touch the hot surfaces but always use the handles and knobs. Do not place the InstaFry in a heated oven. Lastly, never use the unit to deep fry with oil as this may cause a fire or serious damage to the unit.


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InstaFry 2-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer
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