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From the humidity of KZN, to the icy winter mornings on the highveld, South Africans live is a country that has its fair share of extreme weather conditions. The Midea Xtreme Air Conditioner is the air conditioner built to match whatever Mzansi can throw at it; offering South Africans comfort, in any climate.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly R410A Gas.
  • Cooling and Heating.
  • WIFI Enabled – Included
  • Energy Saving.
  • Fire Proof Electrical Box.


  • Sleep Mode
  • Refrigerant leakage detection
  • 2-way drainage for convenient installation
  • Turbo Mode
  • Low Noise
  • Auto-Restart
  • Anti-cold Air Function
  • Do Not Disturb Function
  • Wired controller & Wi-Fi Ready
  • Primeguard Gold Fin
  • Louver Position Memory
  • For areas up to 18 m²


Do not disturb

Turning off the ring and display will give you a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep. Press LED for 5 seconds to switch between Set temp display and Room temp display.


The indoor fan turns to turbo speed in the Cooling & Heating modes. In Cooling mode, the unit will turn back to the previous setting mode after running for 30 minutes. In Heating mode, the unit will keep running with turbo function until the setting is changed or the unit powers off.

Auto Restart

Should the power be cut whilst the unit is in operation, the Auto Restart function picks up right where you left off once the power resumes.

Anti-cold Air Function

The indoor fan speed can be switched between high, medium, low or auto in heating mode, with the anti-cold-wind function taking priority. The unit will only start the fan when the evaporator coil reaches 30⁰C.

Energy Saving

Midea’s Xtreme Air Conditioner saves you energy and stretches your wallet by maximising the unit’s efficiency and cutting down on power usage. Intelligent on-off technology enables the Midea Xtreme to automatically enter energy-saving mode when on standby, reducing energy consumption by 80%. Home aircon has never been a better investment.

Sleep Mode – Cool

In cooling mode, the temperature increases by 1° (no more than 30°C) every 1 hour and after 2 hours indoor fan is fixed at low speed.

Sleep Mode – Heat

In heating mode, the temperature decreases by 1° (no less than 17°C) every 1 hour and after 2 hours indoor fan is fixed at low speed. The unit will quit this mode after 8 hours and fan speed will change to auto.

Wi-Fi Ready

Convenient wi-fi connectivity allows you to control your environment at the click of a button for extreme comfort, expedience and ease.

Wired Aircon Remote Ready

Avoid mislaying the remote when using this handy feature to ensure that your climate is in constant control.

Louver Position Memory

When you start your unit the next time, the angle of the horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as when previously used.

Two-way Drainage

Both the left and right sides of the indoor unit are available for drainage hose connection, which is convenient when it comes to installation.


Aircon experts agree that the Midea Xtreme Air Conditioner is built to endure, bringing consistent comfort into your home. Aircon repairs will be the furthest thought from your mind with features like the Refrigerant Leakage Detect and PrimeGuard™ Gold Fin to ensure that Midea’s tried and trusted technology keeps you in complete – and climate comfortable – control.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect

This function can better protect the unit’s compressor from being damaged by refrigerant leakage or compressor overload.

Midea’s PrimeGuard™ Gold Fin

This feature helps create a healthy and comfortable environment by preventing bacteria from breeding and spreading. It also improves heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process. Additionally, it withstands salty air, rain and other corrosive elements due to the unique anti-corrosive golden coating on the condenser.


If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

1What is included in an Aircon installation?

The cost of the back-to-back aircon installation (i.e. indoor unit located on the other side of the wall opposite the outdoor unit) with available plug point for the 9000btu and 12000btu is R2500.00 (incl. VAT). The cost of the installation for the 18000btu and 24000btu is R2700.00 (incl. VAT)

The cost of this installation includes the following:

  • Up to 3metres of refrigerant piping, drain pipe and cable
  • Outdoor mounting bracket (if required)
  • Installation to a maximum height of 3metres above ground level
  • Drilling of one hole for piping
  • Holes will be filled but not painted

The installer will quote for all costs in addition to the 3metre back-to-back installation which will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any required piping and cabling in addition to the piping and cabling referred to above, or electrical connection to the main switchboard
  • Travelling expenses in the event of the installation being out of a 30km radius from where the unit was bought
  • Any other extras, including but not limited to:
    • external isolators and additional electrical work required
    • any additional refrigerant piping, insulation, drain pipe and cable
    • trunking to cover piping

Please note costs of isolators are not included in the installation fee. Isolator switches are a regulation requirement and are not included in the cost of the installation. A qualified electrician must install an isolator at your own cost. He must install the isolator not more than 2metres from the condenser and within view of the condenser. The cost of this is in addition to the installation cost of the unit and must be paid directly to the electrician. Indoor and outdoor units must always be earthed. You can expect to pay anything between R1000-R1500 in addition to your basic installation fee for this.


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Xtreme Fixed Speed
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