Compact Body
Better Efficiency

More Breeze
with More Ease

By expanding the amount of airflow that runs through the system, with the All Easy Pro, Midea has designed an air conditioning unit which is both more compact and more efficient. Decreasing your energy bill and prolonging the life of your air conditioner.
Air Inlet Increase
Fan Volume
Max Air Volume

Easy Maintenance

By refining the internal layout of the All Easy Pro, Midea has created an air conditioner that is easily accessible for maintenance. The inner core of the unit is easy to detach from the outer shell. We call this improved design the X-Block™

Easy Does it

The Midea All Easy Pro was designed for ultimate ease during maintenance. One screw unlocks the hasp, allowing for easy disassembly in a single minute.
Step 1.
Snap open the front hasps, remove
the screw & detach the bottom panel
Step 2.
Open the electricity box lid and
unplug the fan & vertical Louvre
Motor Terminals
Step 3.
Snap open the back hasps, unload the fan
and indoor motor assembly

Breathe Easy

The new All Easy Pro by Midea achieves the best performance rating of A+++ in energy efficiency, utilising environmentally sustainable refrigerant to produce clean and fresh air with minimal electricity consumption.

Take control of
your comfort.

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